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Starting a School-Based Clinic

Guidance for Starting a School-Based Clinic

Communities often explore school-based healthcare in partnership between schools/districts and medical organizations. Is your community seeking to open a school-based clinic? We have created three helpful modules with resources to support your efforts.


We also offer a variety of expert consultation and facilitation services for communities exploring, starting, and operating clinics. If you’re interested in learning more about how to set up a school-based clinic or exploring alternative school-linked models of care, contact Mariana Ledezma, Director of Community Engagement.

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Determine if starting a clinic is right for your school district and how to gain buy-in, including:

  • Needs and opportunities assessments

  • Factsheets and videos

  • Blueprint for clinics

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How to begin planning fundamental components necessary to open a clinic, including:

  • Workplan and business models

  • Organizational chart

  • Partnership development and community assessments

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Tools to help with preparations for opening your new clinic, including:


  • Registration, enrollment, and consent forms

  • Facilities and floor plan samples

  • Job descriptions and budget templates

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