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Youth Healthcare Alliance memberships run annually from January 1 to December 31. Organizations that join at the beginning of each year are able to access membership benefits sooner.

Membership Categories

There are three types of memberships:

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School-Based Clinic Operating Organization

Members that are primarily responsible for operating one or more school-based clinics in Colorado.

Dues: Begin at $300; based on the number of clinics operated

  • Start-up (first year of school-based clinic) - $300

  • 1-3 school-based clinic sites - $550

  • 4-8 school-based clinic sites - $1,050

  •  9+ school-based clinic sites - $2,050

School-Linked Model Operating Organization

Members that support new models of care off school grounds but serve the school community. This includes:

  • School-linked care

  • Mobile healthcare

  • Telehealth school spokes

Dues: $300

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Associate Members

Organizations or individuals who wish to support our mission and goals but do not provide any school-based clinic services.

Dues: $300

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Membership Application

Fill out this form to join Youth Healthcare Alliance.

Additional Support Services for Members

We offer consultation and facilitation services for communities starting, reorganizing, or enhancing clinics both on-site and through telehealth extension. Review our service offerings.


Questions? Contact our executive director, Aubrey Hill.

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