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Operating a School-Based Clinic

Guidance for Operating a School-Based Clinic


The two modules below offer resources supporting operating a school-based clinic, including guidance for clinic management and financing.


We also offer a variety of expert consultation and facilitation services for communities interested in reorganizing or expanding their clinics. If you’re interested in learning more about operating a clinic, contact Rebecca Gostlin, Director of Clinical Initiatives.

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There are specific nuances that make managing a school-based clinic different than running other types of health clinics. While all require similar skills and knowledge, school-based clinics are located on school grounds and are youth-serving, so a working knowledge of HIPAA and FERPA requirements, minor consent laws, and engagement with schools and school districts are necessary. It is also critical to promote safe, inclusive spaces to receive care, which begins with management structures. Resources in this module include:

  • Clinic welcome packet

  • Quality standards and clinic menu of services

  • Patient privacy, confidentiality, HIPAA/FERPA

  • Marketing, recruitment, and retention

  • Evaluations

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Successful school-based clinic financing is based on multiple factors. This often consists of a diverse portfolio of funding types, including:

  • Billing revenue

  • Grant funding

  • Operating organization support

  • In-kind support from school districts

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