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Module 1: Articulating the Need

Guidance for Starting a School-Based Clinic

Is your community seeking to open a school-based clinic? This is the first module covering how you should articulate the need for a school-based clinic.


We also offer a variety of expert consultation and facilitation services for communities exploring, starting, and operating clinics. 


Blueprint for School-based Health Clinics

School-Based Health Alliance website

The Blueprint is a resource to help guide you as you design, operationalize, and expand your school-based clinic to meet the needs of your students and community. (Some information may be outdated).

Identifying Opportunities for School-Based Health Care in Colorado 

Colorado Health Institute (CHI), 2021 

This interactive tool offers needs assessment findings on the schools and school districts that would benefit the most from the addition of a school-based health clinic. Created in partnership with CHI, Youth Healthcare Alliance, and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Needs Assessment Template

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Comprehensive needs assessment template to be used by planning sites and updated every three years. Includes information on medical sponsor, school district, school community, larger community, perceived health needs of students, parents, school staff/faculty, community members and provider agencies.

Community Survey Tools

Youth Healthcare Alliance

Parent, student, school staff, and community survey to assess current and potential patients' use of the clinic, their health needs, and marketing messages.

Messages to Use when Encountering Community Resistance

Youth Healthcare Alliance

It is natural for communities to raise questions concerning what school-based clinics offer. This document will give you the tools you need to enter into a dialogue with community members while utilizing evidence and Colorado law as support for your messages.

Community Engagement Tools

Students Walking Home

Community Data Tools

Section 330 Health Center Mapping Tools

Uniform Data System (UDS) Mapper

This interactive, web-based tool was designed to help assess the geographic reach, penetration, and growth of U.S. federal (Section 330) Health Center Program grantees and look-alikes.

Child Opportunity Index

Diversity Data Kids

Resource of data sources that could be helpful in understanding your communities’ needs and opportunities.


Data about School-Based Healthcare

​School Nursing & School-Based Health Centers in the United States 

National Association of School Health Nurses and School-Based Health Alliance, 2021

This joint statement offers an overview of how school-based clinics and school nurses collaborate for the best health outcomes for youth. 

Health and Academics are Intertwined

School-Based Health Alliance webpage

School-based health clinics are the convergence of public health, primary care, and mental health. This webpage offers key research findings on the connection between students’ health and academic performance.


School-Based Health Centers and Pediatric Practice

American Academy of Pediatrics, 2021

Some pediatricians have concerns that school-based clinics conflict with the primary care provider’s medical home. This policy provides an overview of school-based clinics and documented benefits, addresses the issue of potential conflict with the medical home, and provides recommendations to support the integration and coordination of school-based clinics and the pediatric medical home practice. 

Student Health Impact on Academics

Colorado Education Initiative, 2015

This five-minute video shares what it really takes to help kids succeed in school and in life. The social, physical, mental, and emotional health of students affects their behavior and their academics.

planning icon of person and check list

Planning for a Clinic

How to begin planning fundamental components necessary to open a clinic, including:

  • Workplan and business models

  • Organizational chart

  • Partnership development and community assessments

school-based clinic icon

Setting up the Clinic 

Tools to help with preparations for opening your new clinic, including:


  • Registration, enrollment, and consent forms

  • Facilities and floor plan samples

  • Job descriptions and budget templates

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