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Friends of Youth Healthcare Alliance

Your Gifts Advance Our Mission 

When the healthcare needs of young people are met at school, they are more likely to succeed in school, and their parents miss less work. 

Friends of Youth Healthcare Alliance believe in our mission to “optimize health outcomes among young people through access to quality, integrated healthcare in schools.”
Your donation of any amount to Youth Healthcare Alliance supports advocacy to improve and expand school-based clinics throughout Colorado. That means more young people in our state will have access to integrated, high-quality care, and in turn, more equitable health outcomes.


With Gratitude for Your Generosity

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School-Based Health Alliance

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Invest in the future of Colorado’s youth. 

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Our Work Makes a Difference 

In 2023, we secured around $5 million in state revenue distributed directly to school-based clinics with our advocacy and provided technical assistance to 3 communities exploring school-based clinics or improving existing clinics.

During the 2021-22 academic year, approximately 35,000 children and adolescents received primary care, behavioral health services, and oral health services through school-based clinics in communities with the greatest needs in Colorado.


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>$5 million in state revenue secured & distributed to Colorado school-based clinics


3 communities received technical assistance to explore or improve existing school-based clinics

2022-23 Academic Year

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35,000 Colorado youth received primary care, behavioral health services, and oral health services in communities with the greatest needs

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Get updates on how to improve the health of Colorado youth

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