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Module 2: Planning for a Clinic

Overall Guidelines

Planning for a new clinic or improving upon an existing one requires a lot of operational and logistical considerations. The below two documents provide a guide for overall work while the below sections of workplans & planning checklists, organizational charts & business models, and partnership development all aid to further in the work.

Youth Healthcare Alliance

This manual is intended to serve as a guide for school administrators, health professionals, parents of school‐aged children, and other stakeholders who desire to provide an integrated approach to addressing the healthcare needs of students in their community. It is intended to be a tool for those considering opening a school‐based clinic as a possible solution for unmet needs.

School-Based Health Alliance website

The Blueprint is a great resource to guide through the design, operations, and expansion of school-based clinics to meet the needs of students and community. (Note: some information may be outdated.)

Need more support? We also offer a variety of expert consultation and facilitation services for communities exploring, starting, and operating clinics or reach out to our Director of Community Engagement, Mariana Ledezma-Amorosi to learn more.


Planning Grant Timeline/Tasks

Youth Healthcare Alliance

A sample work plan of essential tasks to complete during the planning period for a school-based clinic. Major activities include planning grant application, needs assessment, community relations, location development, service delivery planning, and budget development.

Checklist for Starting A School-Based Clinic

Youth Healthcare Alliance

Checklist of essential tasks for opening a new school-based clinic. The 22-step checklist includes high-level tasks such as stakeholder engagement, needs assessment, operational and business plans, and clinical protocols.

Workplan & Planning Checklists


Organizational Charts & Business Models

General Organizational Chart Example

Sample organizational chart demonstrating the relationship between key partners in a school-based clinic.

School-Based Clinic Organizational Chart

Northside Child Health Center, 2014

This organizational chart from a Montrose County school-based clinic depicts partner relationships and roles/responsibilities. 

Engineering Sustainable School-Based Clinics Graphic

School-Based Health Alliance

Graphic depiction of the most important characteristics of strong and thriving school-based clinics into three aspects of a sustainable program: strong partnerships: sound business model and high-quality practice.

Quality Standards for School-Based Clinics (Revised July 2022)

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Comprehensive list of school-based clinic standards, including core requirements, sponsorship requirements, program operations, and program core elements and levels. These standards are used by CDPHE to determine state school-based clinic program funding awards. -

Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment Toolkit

Covering Kids and Families

Publication to help design an outreach and enrollment strategy that meets the needs of the students, school, and community.

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Image by Alexis Brown

Partnership Development

These documents serve as templates or samples only. Any legally binding document should first be reviewed by a qualified attorney. Word versions of these documents are stored on our Google Drive.


Sample Memorandum of Understanding between a School and Medical Sponsor

This sample includes responsibilities for each entity during the implementation and operation of the school-based clinic. 


Memorandum of Understanding with Multi-Partner Organizations

Sample operating agreement detailing each entity's role and responsibilities in the operation of multiple school-based clinics.


Letter of Interest for Medical Sponsor

Sample request for Letters of Interest from medical organizations interested in serving as medical sponsors for a school-based clinic. Requests basic information from potential partners regarding their interest, describes current services offered, anticipated services to be offered, and the current location.

Medical Director Services Agreement

Kids Care Clinic in Avon

Agreement between school-based clinic sponsor and Medical Director detailing roles and responsibilities of each entity. 


Mental Health Partner and School-Based Clinic Memorandum of Understanding

Aurora Public Schools

Memorandum of Understanding among Aurora Public Schools, Aurora Mental Health Center, and Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics to establish and maintain their working relationships and implementation of the Aurora Central School-Based Clinic. 

planning icon with pencil and check mark

Articulating the Need

Determine if starting a clinic is right for your school district and how to gain buy-in, including:

  • Needs and opportunities assessments

  • Factsheets and videos

  • Blueprint for clinics

school-based clinic icon

Setting up the Clinic 

Tools to help with preparations for opening your new clinic, including:


  • Registration, enrollment, and consent forms

  • Facilities and floor plan samples

  • Job descriptions and budget templates

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