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Supporting critically-needed health services in Colorado schools

School-based clinics place critically needed, comprehensive health services directly in schools where young people spend most of their time, maximizing their opportunity to learn and grow. 


Youth Healthcare Alliance represents and supports school-based clinics throughout Colorado. These clinics provide accessible integrated primary and behavioral health services -- and many offer on-site oral health services. Clinics may also offer other support services including health education, insurance enrollment, and case management.

A graphic list of the benefits of school-based clinics

Research demonstrates the many benefits of school-based clinics:

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Better school performance

Grade promotion

Increased high school graduation rates

Reduced absenteeism

Improved health equity

Increased immunization rates

Decreased use of the emergency room

Improved asthma management

Decreased teen pregnancy

Improved educational outcome

An Investment in Equity: Prioritizing Communities with the Greatest Needs

Colorado youth experience profound inequities in health and education depending on socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, and geographic location. We know poverty and other social determinants of health lead to poor health and educational outcomes. School-based clinics prioritize such communities in order to directly invest in health equity through barrier-free and high-quality healthcare services.

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Colorado School-Based Clinic Locations

With 70 locations throughout the state, clinics provide essential health services including primary care, behavioral health, and oral health services to more than 35,000 students each year. 

Click to view a map of Colorado clinics.


Zoom in to select a specific location for center details and contact information.

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Interested in supporting Colorado clinics?

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