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Statement on Health Equity


Health equity is achieved when every person has the opportunity to “attain their full health potential” and no one is “disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of social position or other socially determined circumstances” (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).


Colorado‘s healthcare system and other institutions in the state have a long history of institutional racism and oppression established through policies and practices that persist even into the present day, all of which result in inequitable health outcomes.

By prioritizing the communities that have been intentionally underserved over time, school-based clinics serve as an intentional investment in those communities, contributing to a change in systemic patterns and relationships. School-based clinics rebuild the community’s trust in the healthcare system and create space for youth to be advocates for their own health and success with inclusive, culturally responsive, and equitable environments as well as transformational relationships.

Youth Healthcare Alliance exists to catalyze and support change among school-based clinics to progress along the journey of health equity, acknowledging that it is a lifelong journey, while activating in our own sphere of influence to create change for more equitable policies and practices.


We believe in the power of life experiences and in working to build trust with those who have long been marginalized and centering their voices in our work. We acknowledge the harm that institutions have produced and the power and privilege many of us continue to hold – and we work every day to change that. We celebrate diversity and create inclusion while we work toward healing, liberation, and justice.

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